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"I was very impressed with the professionalism and performance of Cascading Connections.  We were able to turn over our conference planning, sponsor development, marketing, and management to them knowing they would get the job done well and on time."

Theresa Donahue, Executive Director, Smart Energy Living Alliance 303.216.2026 

“Robin is extremely thorough and ensures that all of the dots are connected.  She is very good at pulling together committees, finding a common goal and launching amazing programs." 

Ann Seymour, Water Conservation Manager, Colorado Springs Utilities 719.668-4556

“Using Cascading Connections for your conference planning is going to get you results. They are organized, professional, and results driven. You are not going to find another company that is as easy to work with or as focused on your needs and wants.”

Kim Adams, Owner, Tiger-Studios, Inc.   303.574.3264

I’ve worked with Robin Spaulding and Sharon Dobson of Cascading Connections on several meetings and found them very easy to work with.  I’ve worked with them on meeting registrations, on-site meeting registration and coordination and would say that they are not only competent, but a pleasure to work with.  I recommend Cascading Connections as a very good choice to handle your meeting logistics from registration to onsite meeting management.   

Randy L. Martin, President, R. L. Martin & Associates, Inc. 970.219.2605

"I have worked with Robin for several years now, both in her role as a Conservation Specialist with Colorado Springs Utilities and in her newest role with Cascading Connections, Inc.  Robin played an instrumental role in the development of a builder incentive program for EPA ENERGY STAR qualifying homes.   Robin later formed Cascading Connections with Sharon Dobson to further advance the concept of sustainability in various industries.  For three years, they were part of a team to put on a statewide ENERGY STAR conference that exceeded all conference expectations for three years in a row.  Robin and Sharon are consummate professionals,  covering every detail and knowing how to manage and deal well with people, most likely because they enjoy people so much!"

Kristin Shewfelt, Project Manager,  Architectural Energy Corporation

"Cascading Connections did a tremendous job in making our conference a successful event. They are professional, energetic and keep a focus on all those little details. I would definitely recommend them. "

Lynn Lee, Co-Chair, Pikes Peak Restorative Justice Council 719.640.1650

Sharon Dobson is invaluable to’s success – both online and in-person. Her expert knowledge and attention-to-detail allows me to focus on the agenda development, confident that every registrant will be made to feel special and the venue staff will be closely supervised to provide us with maximum value.”

Ed Thomas,




Colorado Springs Mediator, Colorado Conference Planning, Colorado Meeting Planning

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